To the students and their parents who is going to enter into TLS this April.

To the students and their parents who is going to enter into TLS this April.

We had the biggest earthquake in the north part of mainland Japan several days ago.
Though the place is far (nearly 800 km north from Tokyo), we felt strong earthquake that were never experienced before. As we have been prepared in our ordinary life by practicing 4 times rehearsals a year, we could perfectly shut out any damages. That is, though our school building that is 3 stories high is stout enough, we led all of our students to the park nearby just like rehearsals.
Soon after earthquake looked calm down, we started to confirm to the safety of all of our students outside including graduates using all of our ways of by telephone, e-mail, Face –book or Skype. Students whom we could not contact, we called on their rooms. As we found that a new graduate from Hong-kong had been traveled the place of near the earth quake, we telephoned all of the hotels near-by deep in the night. Yet we could not find her hotel, we opened her room in Tokyo, and found the name of hotel through copies.
We are informed that after her check in a day before, she had been out for famous sea front “Matsushima” where damaged severely near by. Though we are told near Matsushima was safe and no damage later, and all sight-seeing peoples are brought to hill top hotels safely, we are kept telephoning to the distant polices and fire-fighters stations to know which refugee stations she stayed. It was 12th morning that she telephoned us after hearing answer phone by TLS. She came back to Tokyo by getting Taxi without any damage. Needless to say all of our school staffs and students or friends who had gathered to TLS with praying of her safety are hugging strongly one another with joy.
Like this way, we completed to confirm the safety of all of our students including newest graduates within 20 hours after disaster. Our building was no damage, and all of our students and staffs were no wound, and we kept opening our school 24 hours with several staffs, in order to any students who had even slight fear can stay and relax at student’s hall or spending nights with us with futons( beddings) and snacks for free. We can imagine the anxieties of foreign students, and therefore we keep opening our school 24 hours, where we can serve enough space with garden, several vacant rooms, and facilities of internet. We can proud of our space of quite safe and wonderful, clean environments that contain many parks and wide roads near by.
About the accidents of nuclear facilities of Fukushima, we do not know the details yet, we can rely one of the safest Japanese nuclear security systems in the world. It is really a pity that we can only say that we are trying to get information as soon as possible, and apply most suitable treatments toward situations. We understand that it is hard to get fast, exact information for foreign students, so we are trying to keep sending how to act under these conditions to our students.
Though severe harmful awful scenes had sent all over the world, when it comes to Tokyo districts, almost no buildings, roads and streets are broken except under the shortage of electricity. Except small after shaking, we live quite safe. Spring has come, and we have one of the best seasons now in Tokyo.
We can understand that students and their parents who are going to enter into TLS this April will have certain anxiety under this condition, but we assure you that our school and dormitories are quite safe, and we are going to keep best conditions for students to study and have a comfortable life in Tokyo.
We can’t manage earthquake or Tsunami themselves, but we can assure you that through our perfect preparations and prevention systems will conquer any kind of disasters and keep student’s life.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon in April.

Principals of Toyo Gengo Gakuin


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