Plan for Professional Training College

Ⅰ Overview

We can teach the study for the work that your favorite. What a wonderful expression of “make your love work for you” is! But it isn’t easy to do that. It is necessary for you to prepare in advance and having the enthusiasm. You need to know what you want to study at school, or what kind of faculties you want to acquire. You must be careful to choose your most suitable school to study. Every professional training college has their own features. So with underaccording to their career advisers, you can promote your preparation adequately.

Important points of plan for professional training college

They can find your interests, and the reason of your favorite field, and show you adequate professional training college. According to your plan after college under sensitive consulting, they will try to find your best profession.

We TLS have more than 50 tie-up or designated schools. So we study not only at school but also invite professionals who can tell you about possibilities of how your study realise certain professions. We regularly open explanatory meetings according to the fields.

They serve only for us their original programs. As one of member schools of JIKEI GAKUEN, as we TLS can hold strong relationship with JIKEI’s professional training colleges even after your going, and keep supprting.

Ⅱ Learning Plan

Ⅲ Actual results of JLPT

Japanese Language Proficiency Test(JLPT) is the biggest exam. That are held in 54 countries of all over the world. It is used not only checking your Japanese faculty but going to higher education and finding employment. It had revised to check your communication ability in 2010. Question courses are language knowledge of letters, vocaburary, grammer and reading and listening.

Approaches by TLS

The case you can communicate in Japanese, you will get to succeed to JLPT. This is our final answer after checking JLPT carefully. That’s why we have been invited more than 600 Japanese natiive visitors joining our classes. By using practical Japanese what students had studied, they can develop mostly. We also serve our systems through that one can check carefully his/her Japanese ability. This will make you clear on your state of Japanese according to items or subjects. And you can consult with your class teachers on your results. Like this, you can easily check your states by yourself.

Ⅳ Student’s voice

Tokyo Communication Arts
Computer Entertainment Major
Game Programmer Course


from Moscow, Russia

Ⅴ Students’ Result 2015

Professional Training College

● 東京コミュニケーションアート専門学校
● 東京スクールオブミュージック&ダンス専門学校 音楽テクノロジー科
● 東京スクールオブミュージック専門学校渋谷 パフォーミングアーツ科
● 東京フィルムセンター映画・俳優専門学校 映画制作科
● 東京アニメ・声優専門学校 アニメ総合制作科
● 東京デザインテクノロジーセンター専門学校 スーパーIT科/ITデザイン科
● 東京ベルエポック製菓調理専門学校 パティシエ科/スイーツ&パン科/調理師科/カフェビジネス科
● 赤堀製菓専門学校 カフェビジネス科
● 東京福祉専門学校 介護福祉士実践科                    etc

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