Plan for Graduate School

Ⅰ Overview

Graduate school exam system is rather different from other countires, so we recommend you to understand this before preparation. From finding suitable professors with whom you can research to entrance exams, we totally support you. What you need to acquire is learning academic skills first, and create a research plan next. Almost all contacts with professors and research plans are done in Japnanese. We TLS mainly consult personally.

Important points of plan for graduate school

It is sometimes not enough at your class for graduate school preparation. You need to read and understand professional thesis and start to write your research plan. So every student has his /her own teacher to support you.

Repetition of “writing, checking and re-writing” several times that needed much time and patience. But after repetitions of these tasks and remind yourself again and again, your skills for interview will improved.

Decide youe research theme, find university(lab), contact to professors through e-mail, aqccording to follow these steps, you can master inquired Japanese.

Ⅱ Learning Plan

Ⅲ Research plan

Research plan literally means writing your plan of research. But we TLS treats your research plan also realise your basic plan of life it-self. When you are going to express your life in words, it will also lead to your research plan.

 ・What kind of discussions had been done before on your research?
 ・Comparison between Japan and your country on your research
 ・When does the problem solved, what kind of world will appear?
 ・To solve it, what will be needed to be done?

Your teacher will ask these questions again and again for you to find answers.

Ⅳ Student’s voice

Ⅴ Students’ Result(March 2017)

Graduate School

● 九州大学大学院 芸術工学府芸術工学専攻
● 千葉大学大学院 工学研究科研究生/園芸学研究科研究生
● 静岡文化芸術大学大学院 デザイン研究科(2名)
● 京都造形芸術大学大学院 建築・ランドスケープ領域/ビジュアルクリエーション領域
● 女子美術大学大学院 美術研究科博士前期課程デザイン専攻ビジュアル研究領域
● 東京工芸大学大学院 芸術学研究科映像メディア領域
● 東京造形大学大学院 デザイン研究領域
● 多摩美術大学大学院 
● 日本大学大学院 商学部経営学科
● 文化ファッション大学院大学 ファッションビジネス研究科
● 法政大学大学院 工学研究科研究生
● 武蔵野美術大学大学院 

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