To Advance to Higher Education

For international students wishing to advance to higher education, there are numerous options available, such as a professional training college, university, graduate school, or art university.
TLS staff give their full attention to each student’s needs, and our program of four courses aimed at entrance to higher education institutions offers all students the chance to achieve their goals.

There are about 3,000 professional training colleges in Japan. You can study subjects with a direct link to a future career in fields such as animation, culinary, fashion, and tourism. TLS has a comprehensive support system to back you up: we help you understand the system of Japanese professional training colleges, find the areas you wish to specialize in, take the exams, and pass them successfully. Furthermore, making the most of our position as a member of the Jikei Group of Colleges, the largest group of professional training colleges in Japan, we can offer you a program aimed at higher education unlike any other school, including work experience programs and visits to professional training colleges.

TLS can offer you a special course aimed at university entrance. The know-how we have accumulated over many years of successful training for university entrance, plus our experienced staff with their detailed knowledge of the latest trends, give you a distinct advantage. Our course aims to help you pass entrance examinations, but we also give you the skills to be able to think logically, thus avoiding any Japanese language-related problems after entering a university. Individual counseling sessions assist you in selecting the university, and classes such as Japanese, general studies and mathematics are included in the course to give you the knowledge required for a high score in the EJU exam.

In Japan, the graduate school system differs from that of other countries in many respects. Students of our course first learn about Japan’s graduate school system, then progress to special classes held twice a week, plus individual tuition, with the specific goal of successfully entering the graduate school of their choice. The classes focus on the academic skills essential in any field of study at graduate school level. Moreover, the individual tuition sessions are conducted by experienced teachers holding at least a master’s degree in their specialist discipline, in fields such as science, liberal arts, and economics.

For admission to art universities in Japan, such as Tama Art University and Musashino Art University, drawing and design skills are necessary in addition to Japanese language skills. Japanese art universities are looking for students who can truly communicate with others through the concept of “creation,” which signifies art itself. With this in mind, we at TLS have an art room in the school, and we strive to give students enough time and space to effectively acquire an impressive level of Japanese communication skills. Classes are conducted by highly experienced teachers with a record of achievement in their field of art expertise.

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