Our sister schools

“J Life – TOYO Japanese Language Institute”

A sister school in New Delhi, India called “J Life – TOYO Japanese Language Institute”
Established by SHARMA Neeraj who was the first indian graduate of our school.

Nationality India
April, 1994 Enrolled in Toyo Language School 2 years course
March, 1996 Graduated Toyo Language School 2 years course
July, 1996 Employment in Japan Airlines New Delhi, India branch office
January 2005 Transferred to head office in Japan
April, 2013 Established Japanese language school ” J Life – TOYO language institute” in New Delhi, India

How come you had decided to study abroad in Japan?

 There were a lot of students who intended to study in the foreign countries for their career development from India. My purpose was same though, the conclusive factor when I had chosen county to study abroad was that Japan has unique culture food, clothing, shelter and language.

Please let us know reminiscences while your studying in Toyo Language School.

 I was the only student from India at the time. Therefore everyone always came to talk to me. Teachers also came to talk and care about me everyday. Then because I am the only student from India, The number of times that a teacher called on and my remarked in a class might be much more than other student lol.

How was your living in Japan?

 Japanese prices are much higher than that of India. Probably people intending to study in Japan also think like that. But, you can have many opportunities to find part-time jobs at Kasai area where Toyo Language School is and supplement your living in Japan by it.
 Part time job was not only for your living expenses but also that I could feel Japanese culture and the best place of practice I tried to use Japanese learning in the classroom. It was very useful and precious experience for developing my Japanese ability.

Finally please give some advice and message to people thinking about studying abroad in Japan.

 I think Japan seems to be known to the world, but in fact, it is not well known.
Actually after your coming, there are many things you can aware and understand Japan well. Please look forward going to study abroad in Japan.