Support for Official Procedures after Arriving in Japan

TLS offers new students support immediately after their arrival in Japan, as described below.

For comfortable life in Japan, Notification of living address, national health insurance application and opening bank account are needed. TLS offers the following services to students just after their arrival in Japan.

Resident Card

The new residency management system has started from July 9th, 2012.
Although foreign students needed to apply alien registration after arrival in Japan until now, the management sysetm has changed and “Resident Card” is issued at several airports like Narita international airport, Tokyo international airport, Chubu centrair international airport and Kansai international airport. Resident card is a new identification card for the medium-to-long term residents which contains IC chip and obligation of taking along it.
Notification of place of residence is needed at municipal office within 14 days after arrival in Japan.

Health Insurance Card

Joining the National Health Insurance system will allow you to have medical examinations and treatment when you are sick or injured. TLS is affiliated with “Keiseikai Clinic,” so TLS students can receive treatment free of charge if they take their health insurance card, school ID card, and medical care request card, issued by the TLS office. You can obtain a National Health Insurance Card at the same time as the notification of living address to regional immigration. (Foreigners staying in Japan for longer than three months are required by law to join the National Health Insurance system.)

Opening a Post Office/Bank Account

When you open a post office account or a bank account, you will need a passport, resident card, health insurance card, TLS student ID card, and a seal. TLS staff accompany you when you go to open an account and help you submit the correct documents.

※If a student needs the support of TLS staff for application procedures, this will be carried out not individually, but in a group with other students. This may mean that the issuing of resident cards and bank passbooks takes slightly longer than for individual applications.
It is of course OK to apply by yourself if you don’t need our help.