Basic Course for Teachers of Japanese

Why not make the most of your TLS experience in your home country?

In many cases overseas, native local people are in charge of Japanese language teaching, so native Japanese language teachers are in demand in many Japanese language education institutions. But due to their high salaries, usually only a few native Japanese teachers are employed as an assistant for a fixed period and teach Japanese jointly with local teachers.

This is why students who have experienced studying in Japan are in demand. Thanks to your understanding of Japanese people and society, plus the experienced gained during the enjoyable course of studies at TLS, you have the real potential to be active as a Japanese teacher. We will provide you the support you need for such a career choice.

Comments from Graduates in 2011

Lu PingFeng (from Taiwan)

I sometimes felt uncomfortable when I was asked questions about Japanese by my classmates. This was because, as someone who had come to Japan to learn the language myself, I doubted whether I was able to teach something about the language to others. By taking this course, I realized that such a feeling was not correct. You really need to understand something in order to teach it to others, so I have been able to organize my knowledge of the language and improve my skills through teaching Japanese.

Tseng Szu Wen (from Taiwan)

I taught in the elementary class of this course. I thought I had a good understanding of N5 or N4 level of Japanese before I took this course. But now I feel that, having passed N2 and N1 level of Japanese, there are aspects of N5 and N4 that I am only now really able to understand. As I discovered a new usage for even a beginner-level Japanese expression, I felt that I could really understand the depth of the language. It was a great experience for me to review elementary Japanese again through my experience of teaching Japanese.

Lin Jun Da (from Taiwan)

It has been more than one year since I came to Japan. Nowadays, I have almost no problems in my daily life. I am sure that this is partly because I have got used to Japanese customs and way of life, but I also feel that the strong determination I had at the beginning to improve my Japanese has perhaps slightly weakened. But in order to teach Japanese, I needed a very high level of Japanese language skills. I realized that I was lacking in some areas of knowledge, so I think this was actually a very valuable experience for me.

Overview of the Basic Course for Teachers of Japanese

Number Contents
1 About Japanese education
2 Methodology for teaching Japanese
3 How to construct lessons
4 Elementary grammar 1
5 Variations for drill exercises
6 Preparation for 1st simulated lesson
7 1st simulated lesson (Direct method: 20minutes per teacher)
8 Reviewing
9 Elementary grammar 2
10 How to create activities
11 Preparation for 2nd simulated lesson
12 2nd simulated lesson (Direct method: 20minutes per teacher)
13 Reviewing
14 Japanese education overseas and the indirect method
15 Elementary grammar 3
16 Preparation for 3rd simulated lesson
17 3rd simulated lesson (Indirect method: 20minutes per teacher)
18 Reviewing/ Ceremony for completion of course